Cockatoo Hilariously Barks While Standing On Cat

Published February 18, 2019 32,756 Views $38.17 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWait, is that the dog barking? No, it’s a cockatoo! You can teach a dog a few tricks, but apparently in this case, it looks like the dog taught this exotic bird a thing or two. This bird and kitty make good companions. Even though the bird stands, perched atop the cat it is tolerant of this bird’s silly antics. The cat, though seemingly slightly annoyed, just draws its ears back but doesn’t run away at the sound of barking. The cockatoo executes a series of barks flawlessly! It’s unusual for a cat to make friends with a dog, but the friendship between the cat and a bird is even more unusual, especially when the bird barks like a dog. This makes for an interesting combination of fur and feathered friends in a household.

Cockatoos, native to the regions of Australia and Indonesia, are one of a few birds in the parrot family that can learn to mimic sounds. We tend to think of them as “talking” birds, but they are also capable of imitating sounds of other animals or inanimate objects. They are intelligent creatures, yet that does not mean they are capable of fully comprehending the words they are imitating or the sounds they are making. Although cockatoos can “talk” like humans, they are not as skilled as some other variants of parrots. They are beautiful creatures, and are chosen as pets for their appearance, intelligence and charm. They are one of the most prominent birds in aviaries and will readily approach humans, but they can also have a mischievous nature. They are known to cause painful bites, but they can cause structural damage to facilities, vegetation and will even pluck the buttons off your clothing while you are holding them.

It’s hard to imagine, but this gorgeous bird is considered by some to be a pest in its native environment because they are quite destructive. Nevertheless, they are adored by those who take them in as members of their families. Some rare species are rare and highly sought after. This has led to trafficking, where they are smuggled to affluent areas. This poses a problem because the methods used in smuggling are inhumane and there is a high mortality rate. When considering an exotic pet such as these, it’s always a good idea to get a certificate verifying the animal’s origin to ensure that it was obtained legally and ethically.