Father And Son Cockatiel Will Melt Your Heart!

Published February 17, 2019 2,806 Views $25.12 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis adorable—and very musical!—video of Pip and Lola, a father and son cockatiel duo, singing their love for each other and demonstrating the strength of the father-son bond (strong even among birds!) is one of the most heart warming things you’ll see all day.

And, right off the bat, we’ll advise you to turn the volume on your speakers way up before hitting the play button, so that you can appreciate this video in all its chirpy goodness. We’re told that Pip the cockatiel loves his dad so much that it borders on the obsessive.

He loves to follow his father, named Lola, wherever he goes, eat what he eats, sleep where sleeps—and, most of all, he loves to sing his little heart out to the dad he loves more than anything. It’s rare to see this level of devotion between a father and son anywhere, much less among our feathered friends, which is part of what makes this video such a treasure. Bet even without the touching back story, this video would be a delight simply for showing a couple of birds doing what birds do best—singing their joy at full volume and bringing a bit of joy into our lives as well. And since cockatiels can live for up to fourteen years or longer, that’s an awful lot of time for Pip and Lola’s household to look forward to enjoying their songbirds and the love that the two of them share. In these hectic times in which we live, it’s all too easy to forget to let our parents know how much we love and appreciate them.

We don’t know about you, but it’s probably been longer than it should be since we last called our dad for no good reason. And while we’d never put our own father through the ordeal of having to listen to us sing (not all of us are the talented songsters that Pip is!), it never hearts to just call and let your dad know you’re thinking of him, instead of waiting for Father’s Day to roll around. If you haven’t clicked the Play button on this video yet, you should definitely do so—because all kinds of adorable and melodic fun is waiting for you. And then you should pick up the phone and say hi to your own father. You will both be glad you did!