Kid Wears The Wrong Shoes For Slippery Snow

Published February 16, 2019 2,552 Plays $2.24 earned

Rumble This has got to be the most hilarious video that we have ever seen. Twelve-year-old Ollie, for some reason, made the decision to wear his slippers to school instead of snow boots after an intense ice storm. He was already late as he attends a private school, which opened on time that day. But the public-school bus that he rides had a two-hour delay thanks to the dangerous weather the night before.
In the video, Ollie’s school bus pulls up and he carefully crawls out onto his ice-covered driveway. But all of the sudden, the poor kid realizes that he’s got absolutely no traction. He slips and slides all around on the ice while his parents sit inside the house and watch. You can hear what is presumably his mother laughing in the background as Ollie struggles to get to the bus. His legs are moving, but he seems to be going nowhere!

The bus driver makes an attempt at helping. We see him get up from his seat and head to the back of the bus for a second before returning with what looks like a broom. He extends the broom to Ollie in the hopes that Ollie can take the other end and be pulled into the bus. But Ollie, now on his hands and knees, can barely manage to crawl to the bus driver and grab the end of the broom. After a lot more slipping and sliding, he finally makes it onto the bus with the help of the bus driver and heads on to school.

At the end of the video, we can hear the father asking why his son isn’t wearing his snow boots. And we can certainly understand why he thinks poor Ollie is such a knucklehead. But hey! Kids will be kids. Honestly, if we were Ollie’s parents, I would have just let him stay home from school that day. There’s something to be said about how bad the weather is if your son can’t make it out of his own driveway and onto the school bus! And we sure hope that there weren’t too many other kids on the bus laughing at little Ollie after his slip-n-slide incident. Still, hopefully he learned something that day: that you must always dress appropriately for the weather, and that school bus drivers are some of the coolest and nicest people on this planet. We mean, that broom move was just genius.