Baby Hedgehogs Take Adorable Bath Together

Published February 16, 2019 2,124 Views $1.40 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIn this video, Rumble viewers watch eight small hedgehogs scurry around together in what appears to be a kitchen sink. One by one, the person taking the video picks up the little hedgehogs and inspects them. There is no audio, so viewers will imagine what is being said, and what sounds the little hedgehogs might be making. From above it looks like eight little pin cushions are meandering around the sink together. But each time a hedgehog is picked up, an adorable little critter face is revealed, along with legs and a soft little belly. Genetics are visibly at play in the coloration of the adorable little critters.

Four little hedgehogs carry the same dark color. Two of hedgehogs are nearly white, and two more are a perfect blend of the white and dark colors. One thing they all have in common is the way their tiny noses bounce continuously, sniffing the air for information. Each hedgehog reacts a little differently to being picked up and inspected. Those reactions can be separated into three categories: “Hey, put me back down, I’m busy. Put me down NOW!” or “What’s happening? I’m scared so I’m balling up for protection and I’m not coming out till it’s over.” and even “Ok, you’re the boss. I’ll just relax here until you’re done looking at me.”

Viewers notice part way through the video that a smaller hand also reaches into the sink to help inspect the little hedgehogs – indicating that a family has chosen to care for these hedgehogs. Many viewers’ natural reaction to this adorable video will be to ask themselves, “Would I like to have a hedgehog as a pet?” The most common type of hedgehog to be purchased and kept as a pet is the African Pygmy variety. The popularity of hedgehogs as pets appears to be increasing in North America. Hedgehogs are known to be a very viable pet alternative, but potential owners should know certain things before making a purchase.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal in the wild and are the same when domesticated, which means they may not be the most engaging of pets during daylight hours. Another thing to remember is that their cute spines are as sharp as they look, which means they are not pleasant to hold when they are balled up. Hedgehog owners must be intentional with their pet’s diet or obesity and brittle bones can result. In the right home, a hedgehog will bring joy and entertainment.