Sweet Cat Loves To Play With Human Hair

Published February 15, 2019 2,953 Views $3.95 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensPeople are strongly divided when it comes to cats. They either love them to bits or hate their very existence. There doesn’t seem to be any in-between.

We can’t really blame the latter, as cats can be really demanding to love, starting with the fact that they are nocturnal creatures. Sleeping all day and then becoming obnoxious at night. They like to scratch stuff as a way of marking their territory and it can be anything from a bed post to a recliner or even your favorite pair of shoes! They can be really tough to live with, until they do something like this.

As many cat owner will attest, you can’t purchase a toy for your pet. You can try your very best, go far and wide to find the bestest, cleverest, most interesting toy in the whole world, and they will probably play with the box it came in. It is just the way cats are. So naturally, when they come across something light, stringy, fluffy and seems to move on its own, they will likely play with it. Even if it is a strand of human hair, still attached to its owner.

According to the person who made this video, this cat isn’t very keen on human companionship. The only this she likes of a human is their hair. The curlier, the better. This girl happened to be sitting near an open window sill and the cat climbed on top and got busy with her hair.

Sure, it’s a pain hazard. The cat can easily scratch the girl with her claws, bite her on the back of the neck and snag on her hair, but the girl doesn’t mind. That is the very definition of a cat lover. We know how tough it can be to befriend a cat and every time they decide to devote some attention to you, you should treasure it. Feel honored even! This is a big thing, you should celebrate!

In all honesty, not everybody can like cats. It is fine, really. Allergies aside, cats as just as demanding as dogs. You may not need to take them out for walks or anything, but they need engagements just like any other four legged pet. So be sure you know what you are getting yourself into when you decide to get a pet cat because they are “low maintenance”. You might just be in for a treat!