Newborn Calves Adorably Munch On Same Patch Of Grass

Published February 15, 2019 599 Plays $2.12 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThese two calves are only a few days old. They were born on a warm, spring day in the meadow of a beautiful farm near Millbrook, Ontario. The farm allows the animals to roam freely over lush, green pasture on a wide expanse of rolling hills beside a forest. There are ponds to drink from and the cows graze happily in the sunshine and fresh air. Cows are social animals and being able to mingle and wander together is an important part of life for them. This is how farm life should be, with everything as close as possible to what nature intended for these gentle creatures.

These calves are actually far too young to get any benefit from eating grass. They are still nursing and getting milk from their mothers, who graze watchfully alongside their babies. But the calves have seen their mothers and the other cows in the herd chewing on this green stuff all around them and they are curious and eager to imitate them. Even though they have hundreds of acres of grass to choose from, these adorable little calves have settled on the same clump and they have their heads pressed together in the most precious way as they nibble.

This farm is what is referred to as an “ethical farm”, and they are becoming more popular and widespread across North America. The farmers will not subject the animals to the conditions needed to produce veal. They also refuse to keep the cows locked up in an indoor barn, and they value herd health and happiness over profit. These farms produce beef that costs a little more, but it’s an easy choice for those who object to the factory farm conditions but still want to eat red meat. As an added benefit, finding one of these farms near you provides the advantages of locally sourced food with less impact on the environment.