Defying All Odds, Kitten Slowly Recovers From Head Trauma

Published February 14, 2019 3,398 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensWe adore cats! They are little fluff balls which bring us joy and happiness with their tempers, their playful character, and their loving hearts. They are, and we know that they make our lives better. We think cats make the perfect pet because they are self-sufficient, intelligent, and good companions.

We’ve heard it one too many times that cats are incredibly smart and that they can probably survive a zombie apocalypse if push comes to shove. However, there are cases when fate has been crueler to them, and life was not far towards them. But knowing their strong will to live and maybe having nine lives, they will beat all odds of losing their lives. Just like this little hero, when baby cat Gracie was eight weeks old, she showed the world that she is strong!

When Gracie was just eight weeks old, she was sleeping in a mail delivery truck and was startled by the driver. Gracie jumped out of the car and was immediately hit by another vehicle passing by. She suffered severe head trauma. Angelico Cat Rescue was called, and Tammy immediately came out to rescue Gracie. The doctors only gave her a 20% survival rate.

Head injury can happen when a feline supports damage to the head, for example, running into a divider, battling with another creature, or being hit with an unpolished or infiltrating object. The recognizable side effects of a head injury will change between felines. Now and again, you may notice your feline is starting to act unusual, while in different circumstances, your feline may entirely lose consciousness and begin to have seizures. But, luckily Tammy was not giving her life up!

Tammy and a volunteer Olga shared the responsibility of 24-hour care to keep her body temperature regulated and to feed her. This video documents her slow but fantastic recovery. As of 2/14/19, Gracie can only see shadows. She cannot eat on her own because she has not yet regained her sense of smell. The smell also affects a cats urge to the litter box. We wish Tammy great recovery, and we hope that she will cross every obstacle on her way and she will live a perfect life together with her family and will be a healthy cat!

Gracie's medical bills and continued expenses are mounting. Please consider donating to her care. You can go to to donate.