Adorable Ferret Encounters Snow For the First Time

Published February 14, 2019 1,706 Views $2.12 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe footage presented to you today is about the first encounter between this adorable ferret and about 2 inches of snow! The video has been recorded from the phone of the owner of the ferret. He starts recording as he opens the door, while holding his pet in his other hand.

The ferret is called Nibbler and his age remains unknown but. it doesn't take away the cuteness of this fur ball. Nibbler the ferret encounters snow for the first time, after his owner drops him on the floor, he steps outside in the tiny border between the snow and the inside of the house. The little animal prefers to evaluate the situation in this safe zone before going in. He then proceeds into the snow head first. The reaction is priceless, has soon as he gets a little bit of snow onto him, he brakes immediately and walks backwards at a fast pace. While doing he is also shaking his body to get rid of tiny pieces on snow that got onto him. He looks up at his owner probably wondering what is going on. He gets back to the door to give it a second try.

The owner is also amused by the situation as we can hear him laugh and giggle. Nibbler gets back into the snow for his second try, manages to resist the cold a little bit longer but ends up having the same reaction as the first, walking backwards back inside the house, probably because of the freezing temperature. Nibbler walks around in circle inside the house before going in for the 3rd time. And this time he made it. He manages to resit the cold and he is already bouncing around and digging tunnels through the snow. His owner tries to keep track of him but he is completely covered by the snow it gets difficult. At the end of the footage Nibbler was making an escape but his owner saw him and caught him right before he got to the fence of the yard.

It is safe to say that it did not take so long after all for Nibbler to get used to the snow and the cold. He actually used it as his advantage to try to escape. Ferrets are not easy to catch, especially if there’s thick snow that block the view of the animal. This video was filmed in Denver, Colorado, during a cold winter season.