Groom Sings To Bride As She Walks Down The Aisle

Published February 14, 2019 6,952 Views $10.37 earned

Rumble / Memorable WeddingsIt is the day every little girl dreams of. The day she puts on that white, lavish gown, puts on a veil and walks down the aisle to meet the man she chose to be her partner for life. Ladies all over the world spend so much time planning for this day, wanting to make sure that it will be just like they imagined it. And it turns out exactly as they planned it most of time. But sometimes something unexpected and magical happens on that wedding day that takes the breath away from everyone present to witness it. Most of all, the bride.

This particular bride looks like she had planned every single detail about her wedding day and we must say, it looks spectacular. But when the time came for her to walk down that aisle, what she found at the end of it wasn’t really what she expected.

The handsome groom was there, mic in hand, pouring his soul out through lyrics. Knowing that watching his bride walk towards him will be a big moment for them both, this gentleman decided what better way to greet her than through song. And it looks like it was a hit!

Now, usually newlyweds choose something more traditional, like the wedding march by Mendelssohn. But every so often it happens that a couple will opt out of these traditional moments for their wedding and do something that means so much more to them. That always leaves us with not a single dry eye in the room and this footage proves it.

Wedding days are always memorable, but one can always do something extra to make it special for the newlyweds.It can be a bride’s marine brother who comes back on leave from his service to the country to surprise her on her big day. We have seen so many moments like that one and yet every time we see a new one, we get a slight tingle in our gut and our eyes swell up.

It can be a bride who’s groom is unable to walk, so she engages some friends to help him up for a short, but immensely sweet first dance. How can someone say that is not heart-melting?

It can even be the other way around - a groom who has been unfortunate to suffer injury that confines him to a wheelchair finds incredible willpower to strengthen his body to match his spirit and decided nothing will prevent him from sharing that first dance with his caring bride. All of these moments make for an unforgettable experience.