Cat Knows Exactly What To Do With Cardboard Box

Published February 14, 2019 1,267 Plays $6.47 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensWhat is it with everyday boxes that kittens can't resist? Put a box down, and it's like a trap; they are drawn right in! No matter how money you spend on cat furniture or buy them soft, expressive beds just for them, they will always choose cardboard instead of that!

They see the cardboard like the most comfortable, the bed they love to spend hours in it and take endless naps. And this fluff ball is no exception! When she saw the cardboard, she knew what she needed to do! Go and enjoy it there! We only see a piece of cardboard there, but this cat sees a queen size bed with the fluffiest pillows, and that would be the only explanation why they choose cardboard over a bed!

But, why do cats love boxes and cardboards so much? We believe this is an ancient question, but we are still searching for the answer. Kittens and boxes: never has there been an excellent match since peanut butter and jam. They directly go together, isn't that so? Any person who realizes the cat's brain can bear witness to the attractive intensity of the box, regardless of the shape or size. Even though we're very mindful of this relationship, what's the purpose behind it? For what reason do cats like boxes?

Some people think that they can hide and seek to pray from inside the box and that the table wakes up the wild instinct or perhaps wake up the curiosity in them. Once the interest is satisfied, their instincts kick in, and they hop right in the box or cardboard.

No matter what instinct or feeling kicks them, they always get excited when they see a box or cardboard! Let’s check another cat’s experience with a box! This Kitten’s first cardboard box is an epic encounter and she was mesmerized by the box!

When her owners receive a new package in the mail, Wampa the kitten goes wild in excitement. In typical cat fashion, she is crazy about the empty cardboard box and proceeds with some high-energy playtime. Even the family dog can't believe how much fun she is having!

Cats are amazing and smart animals! Owning a cat is an activity a lot of people enjoy! Cats are really fun creatures! They are smart, small and easy to maintain. You can keep them at home and have had lots of fun together, even if that includes cardboard!