Funny Dog Howls Every Time Owner Takes Bath

Published February 13, 2019 5,651 Views $34.47 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesKona’s in touch with her inner wolf. Every time her owner takes a bath, she howls like a banshee. Is Kona part husky or malamute? She certainly has that sing song howl that is typical of those breeds.

What’s the matter Kona? Where on earth did you acquire such a pitiful attitude toward bath time? Because it takes away from play time? Very strange. Since you don’t speak human, it’s very hard to tell what’s troubling you. It really does appeal to the emotions, though. You’re tugging at our heartstrings Kona!

One thing we can be sure of is Kona’s attachment to her master. They must be very closely bonded, thick as thieves. They go almost everywhere together, but apparently the one place they don’t go together is in the bath tub. Well, at least he hasn’t gone very far. Maybe Kona is at an equivalent stage to the two year old child, where a sense of permanency has not yet developed. When the parent, or in this case owner has stepped out of the room, they are literally “out of sight, out of mind”. There is a slight twist to this development, though. Kona is clearly thinking about her owner, except that she doesn’t think her owner’s coming back. She is such an insecure dog.

Another possibility is that Kona has learned that making mournful howls always results in her owner coming back, even if that’s later rather than sooner. In this case Kona has acquired something like superstitious behavior, where howling is a sure way to bring her owner back from invisibility.

“I can’t explain how it works, only that it does work,” she might answer when asked why she howls.

This is a fun video that makes us laugh. Pets express their love in so many ways that we almost understand, and sometimes they even do things that really are human. For example, we could understand a baby doing the exact same thing when shut out of a parent’s room. “Let me in! Let me in!” That’s not so hard to understand, is it?

Because Kona is an important member of the family, and not just a piece of furniture, we have to put up with some annoying idiosyncrasies. This may be one of those things we either have to ignore, or embrace. After all, if she didn’t love her owner, she probably wouldn’t bother to react at all.