Little Boy Unknowingly Makes Fun Of His Mom

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Rumble / Babies & KidsOkay, ladies. We all know that despite what the world thinks, we are not perfect, hairless princesses that prance around all day in ballgowns. Like men, we grow hair. And in some places, we grow a lot of hair. Even if we don’t want to.

For a lot of women, me included, a little bit of hair on the upper lip is natural. And whether you choose to wax it, shave it, bleach it, or just go natural, it can be a big pain in the but! And nothing is worse than going to a salon to get your eyebrows done and being asked if you “want the upper lip too?”

That’s why it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the lil’ guy in this video went into the beauty industry when he gets older. I mean, it’s clear that he’s a natural at implying to women that they need to do something about the hair on their upper lip. In the video the little boy, being interviewed by his mom as he holds his younger sibling, makes a remark that he does not yet have a beard. But one day he will! Like Daddy. And Mommy.

Uh-oh. The mother is quick to correct him, saying that she doesn’t have a beard. “But you have a mustache.” Oof.

My idea? Let’s get this kid a job at his local waxing place. He’d be great for business. Every time a woman comes in to get anything done, he can stand by the receptionist’s desk and ask if they want to get their upper lip done too. And when they look at him, shocked, and say thanks but no, he can hit him with that good ol’ “But you have a mustache.”

It’s okay, Mommy. I know your pain. I too have had to do a bit of face-scaping in order to get rid of the fuzz on my upper-lip. And while those at-home waxing strips sting quite a bit when you rip them off, I can only imagine how much more it stings to have a toddler, the King of Honesty, break it to you that you’ve currently got a mustache.

We can take a couple of things from this video. It’s taught us a lot of lessons. The biggest lesson, though, is that you should always be happy with the way you look. Body hair is natural. And although Barbie’s smooth and plastic-y skin looks so nice on a doll, it’s creepy as can be on a human being. So wax that stache or don’t, Mom. This kid will love you no matter what. Just don’t ask him how you look in a dress anytime soon.


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    He told the truth, you have a mustache 😂😂

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