Gentle Bulldog Makes Baby Boy Laugh

Published February 11, 2019 4,497 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWe have said this time and again and we will probably repeat it many times more. A child that has had the utter privilege to grow up with a dog can consider themselves lucky. You just can’t learn lessons like that from anyone else. Stuff like compassion, fair play, respect and true love are lessons that only a dog can teach in a manner that will stay ingrained in our souls forever.

No matter how big or small, our canine companions simply know just how gentle they have to be with their baby humans. Call is animal intuition or just family involvement, but nine out of ten dogs know how to deal with tiny human babies. Regardless if they giggle, squeal, whine or throw a hissy fit, some dogs just have that nanny instinct in them. And kids respond to their pet dogs well.

Then, we have pairs like these two. They just look like a match made in heaven, don’t they? Bulldogs may be slobbery and stinky little fellas, but when it comes to taking care of kids, they are your go-to pooch. Historically, bulldogs were bred to bait bulls, hence the name, but it was when people started having them as house pets that their true nature began to shine. Just ask any family that has one of these handsome fellas and they will tell you they are these gentle, kind, immensely loving and unbelievably charming pups. Not to mention amazing buds to their kids. Don’t believe us? Just watch this clip!

This kid will never know loneliness or sorrow as long as its pet bulldog is there. They sure share a very special friendship. We can tell that the dog cares greatly for its human sibling, seeing how it makes sure not to overstep any boundaries. And the kid is loving it - giggling and hugging the dog. We are just melting over here!

Wonder what kind of dog to get for your family? Bulldogs are an amazing choice. As with any other type of dog, training is crucial in order to make sure they understand the hierarchy of the new pack and when properly maintained, they will eventually learn what kind of protector they have to be to the family. Just don’t stop at the dog. Kids, too, need to be trained how to treat the dog with the love and respect it deserves as an equal in this union. Done right, you will have a family member that will adore you immeasurably until the end of its days.