White Stripes On Chicken? Watch This Before Eating!

Published February 10, 2019 2,944 Plays

Rumble White Stripes on Chicken? Watch This Before Eating! Do you love chicken? Loved for its leanness, adaptability, and inoffensiveness, chicken is popular meat all over the world. A general consensus for health-conscious consumers is that the leaner the better. That is why chicken breast is a popular choice!

There is a link between contaminated poultry and human diseases. If you are looking at a chicken breast, it should be light pink in color you have occasionally noticed a few extra white stripes on your protein. But this does not come without consequences.

White stripes in your chicken breast are a symptom of that muscular condition. Ninety-percent of chickens includes toxic levels of arsenic. The two most frequently found disorders are “white striping” and “woody breast” and Compassion in World Farming is hoping to let more people know about this. Poultry Hub says that woody breast is caused by poor muscle development and causes an abnormally stiff texture. More and more chicken breasts now have ‘white striping’ strips of fat that appear as a result of a condition many of the birds develop in factory farms.

Why Is It Happening? Growing demand for chicken may be responsible. Since chicken farms want to mass produce chicken as fast as possible to maximize delivery and profit, farmers use certain genetic enhancements to make their birds much larger then would be if raised naturally. the unhealthy practice leads to muscular dysfunction, which manifests itself as white striation along the chicken breast that can see clearly.For what we are sold to be covered in white stripes of fat.

'Inherent cruelty' of factory farming exposed by an undercover woman The stripes come about as a result of the way the chickens are raised, they are produced on a mass scale and farmers are doing everything they can to make the chickens bigger, quicker. This means the chicken we eat may be a lot fattier and less nutritious than it used to be. Researchers at the University of Arkansas and Texas A&M found that out of 285 birds, 96 percent showed white striping.What Can Consumers Do About It?

For those who cook their own chicken and are worried about white striping, there is no need to stop cooking your favorite chicken stir-fries, curries and roasts just yet, avoid white stripes, always choose chickens that were raised sustainable. I think from now on I will start inspecting my chicken breast before purchasing it and if I see the white stripes, I shall pick something else to make for dinner. Some companies such as Panera Bread, Starbucks, Whole Foods Market, and Chipotle have already promised to purchase healthy chicken for their restaurants, and hopefully more supermarkets and restaurants avoid factory-farmed birds.