Cat is fascinated by giant lobster on computer screen

Published February 9, 2019 9 Plays $3.66 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensMitzy is a cat with extreme curiosity. Like most cats, anything that is moving catches her eye, and her attention. She will sit at the window and watch birds and squirrels with intensity. Anything small that moves near her will immediately get pounced on. Cats are one of the most accomplished predators on the planet. It is no wonder we have coined phrases such as “cat-like reflexes”. They seem to sleep most of the day, but even as they sit motionless, their ears will swivel to catch the sounds around them and their eyes will fly open at the sound of anything moving near them. They are instantly alert and ready for action. Watching cats play is both awe-inspiring and extremely entertaining.

None of this is unusual. But something that is unusual is when you realize that your cat is fascinated by a lobster. It’s even more entertaining when the lobster is on a video screen. Dave and Kristy were in bed, getting ready to turn off the lights. Dave was watching a scuba diving video that featured a giant Caribbean lobster wandering over the coral. The lobster became fascinated with another diver’s camera and the resulting footage showed the lobster staring into the camera and using its antennae to touch and explore the camera. Looking at the video, you can see the antennae sweeping across the screen slowly. Mitzy had heard the curious sound of the bubbles in the video and she came over to have a look at the computer that was making the sounds. Then she suddenly became fascinated with the bizarre creature with the long, pointy cat toys on the screen. These antennae look just like small branches that somebody would use to play with a kitten. Mitzy sat and watched this video with wide eyes. Then she decided to paw at the screen and try to catch the lobster’s antennae. She even swatted at the tiny diver who appeared in the corner of the screen.

Watching a cat who is watching TV or a computer screen is far more fascinating than what is actually on the screen. Watching a cat trying to interact with the video characters is often very funny. It shows us that they probably believe that the animals are real, 3 dimensional creatures that can be caught. Some people will debate that animals can’t even see television screens, but thousands of videos of animals responding to the screen prove otherwise.


  • winkeldinkel, 35 weeks ago

    I like that one! Looks a lot like my cat....

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  • cdngreenwaterdiver, 35 weeks ago

    Cute and curious little guy.

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  • einsteinparrot, 35 weeks ago

    That's so cute! I wonder is he would try to get me?

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