Puppy Goes Round And Round Trying To Fetch Bottle

Published February 9, 2019 3,187 Plays $20.41 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou have to watch this funny video, which will make you laugh out loud when you see how hysterical this dog is for not being able to reach the bottle that is in the center of the table, he does his best to achieve his goal, but its small size does not allow him to go further. Hilarious!

The owners of this puppy know how much he likes to bite everything he sees and decide to put a bottle in the center of the table, where they know he will not arrive, this makes the dog go into crisis and go crazy trying to reach it. The canine quickly circles around the table in order to reach the bottle that is in the center, it seems that it will never stop! We all want him to calm down but he is too stubborn to understand that everything he does is useless. The sound he makes with his hoofs is something that soon ends up stressing anyone, calm down friend!

After a long time the puppy gives up, gets very tired and dizzy from turning around the edges of the circular table. He just walks away and hopes that another time he can get a bottle, maybe this dog has alcoholic complexes, we do not understand why he is so eager to get that specific bottle, you should consider quitting the drink! It is so comical his reaction to be displaced from the bottle, its owners are evil and only do that to laugh at him, the poor dog that is not to blame for being so small, surely if it were a Great Dane would not do the same, Insensitive!

Humans spend so much time choosing the most incredible toy in the store and when you get home your dog just wants to play with the bottle you have in your hand. It's like kids who prefer the toy box, as we know they like anything they can bite, in this case it's dangerous if the bottle is made of glass, but to replace it you have to know that many dogs love to bite empty water bottles, many spend hours playing with them, especially if you take off the lid and put some croquettes inside. This would be an easy and inexpensive toy for your dog, they can bite them, make noise with them, throw them from one side to the other without losing as much as a ball, all these would be the reasons why this puppy wants a bottle. Also remember that in his genetics is always present that hunter instinct, which makes them want to bite everything in its path, but that is not his bottle because it is glass and could get hurt. We hope that the owners read this article and get a plastic bottle to this nice pet so that it is not necessary to take it out of his reach and can play as much as he wants.

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