Baby Girl Adorably Admires Her Healthy Belly

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This nine month old little princess is still learning big new things about her world. Today its “Discover Your Belly Day,” and it’s as if this is the first time she has bothered to look down.

“What the deuce?” she exclaims, noticing for the first time that cute little round bump between her legs and her neck. “Has that always been there?” Why yes, yes it has little girl.

Everything is new to the infant. At nine months she is getting over that “Wow, where the heck am I” phase of birth, and starting to look around and notice things for the first time. Not just see things, but actually notice them. She will compare herself to her parents, looking for what is the same between them. The more she looks, the more she will see she has a lot in common with the people who enter her social circle. These observations will go a long way toward reinforcing her self-image and identity as a member of a family. The family, at this young age, may even reach out to friends and relatives who enter her household.

“Everyone has one of these?” she may ask to herself, or inquire in garbled baby talk. “How come you didn’t tell me this before?”

Little things will hold immense fascination, or even hilarity. A toe is worth a giggle. A moving toe can be 20 minutes of raucous laughter. A burp, or even a loud passing of gas might be cause for falling backward with mirth. This thing called life. We don’t know what it is, but it’s continuously fascinating. If only we adults could see everything as we saw it for the first time, when time was slow and the world was new. We have codified and labelled and analyzed our way into a square box, and sometimes it seems there is no way out.

“I can’t get rid of it. I give up!” she almost seems to be saying at one point. “Mom, you knew about this but didn’t tell me?”

This little girl has plenty of time to remind her parents what it was like to be mesmerized by the simplest of things. It’s all too big to know all at once. We have to take things slowly, experimentally, and after a long life time we still don’t know what it all means. Those wonderful big blue eyes are licensed to live.

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