Ariana Grande New Album Drops, New Song ‘Ghostin’ All About Wanting Mac Miller While With Pete!

Published February 8, 2019 17 Views

Rumble / Entertainment LifeOkay wow I think it’s safe to say that ALL of us were not prepared for Ariana Grande’s song Ghostin’ to be SOLELY about Mac Miller but that’s what happened and people are LOSING IT. PLUS…because a new album isn’t enough Ari also went ahead and dropped a VIDEO for her song breakup with your girlfriend…I’m bored. On top of that we MUST discuss the fact that while Ari is riding the high of new albums she’s also SUPER UPSET with a Grammy’s producer for LYING and saying she’s not performing because she couldn’t QUOTE “pull it together.” If you couldn’t tell…we’re talking all things Ariana Grande because why would we NOT right now so stay tuned.