Boston Terrier Goes Nuts Over Owner's Feet

Published February 6, 2019 290 Plays $30.53 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEveryone loves Roxie the Boston terrier. Roxie’s got moxie! The little guy can’t get enough play time between his master’s feet. His slurping, stretchy lips are 90 percent of his face, and his bulging round eyes seem to take up the other 10 percent.

Where did they come up with such a hilarious play routine? It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s the perfect entertainment for couch potatoes. Your feet are hanging out over the foot stool, and here comes Roxie, right down the middle. You squeeze his face between your feet, and what do you know? He loves it!

Does he know how funny he looks? Probably not. Roxie is completely without self-consciousness. All he knows is that whatever his owner loves, he loves it, too! There’s no more joy than belonging to a human who loves to play with you.

You can almost hear inside Roxie’s rough little growls, “I’m the most important dog in the world.”

He puts so much energy into growling and head shaking. He probably makes a great outdoors playmate, too. Can he catch a Frisbee?

Dog and owner stop momentarily, as if setting up for round two. Roxie’s still alert and wanting more. His growl throttle is set low, and then…he lets loose. Round two begins! Roxie goes into full scale growl mode, shaking his head left and right, it’s almost as if his owner’s feet don’t have to do anything.

“Let me do all the work, master,” Roxie seems to be saying. “You just continue watching the rerun, or whatever it is you’re doing.”

Yet, for all the growling, you can see little Roxie enjoys the heck out of the session. It must be therapeutic to him. Dogs just want to have fun! Yes, there are working dogs and this may only be down time for both dog and human, but don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it. The benefits of playing with your pet are enormously helpful to both animal and human. You give the dog’s life some meaning, and you (it is believed) get to live a little longer. Does playing with your dog help you to live longer? Who cares! The very question is like trying to justify the taste of a sweet apple or grape. It hardly matters, since the very act of play is its own reward.

So, the next time you’re just sitting on the couch with your socks on, and you see your lackluster little dog just lying there in front of the TV, go ahead. Grab his head between your feet, and let the good times roll.