How To Shovel Snow In -42 Degree Minnesota

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Rumble / Funny & WeirdThose who live in cold climates know that shoveling snow can be a tiring and arduous task. It can take some thought and perhaps a little creativity to lighten up the work. Here’s a short video clip of a guy who’s managed to do just that! An initial glance at the video thumbnail doesn’t reveal the true intrigue of this clip. Viewers will perhaps catch on to what’s happening when they hear the recognizable sound of ice skates. A man dressed in seemingly normal work attire is seen removing snow from his driveway with a snow shovel, while on ice skates.

Ice skating reminds us of hockey and winter olympic games – both of include competition and battle for supremacy. In this case the ice skates are part of a life-long battle against the elements. Hopefully the time spent shoveling snow will is helping to improve his skills on the ice. There’s a good chance that a man with his skills on skates also participates in hockey or another ice sport. It’s worth noting that concrete and asphalt naturally retain warmth from the sun’s rays, absorbed during daylight. Ice skates don’t work well on asphalt or concrete, there must be a sheet of ice present.

Temperatures in this video are reported to be as low as -42 degrees. That kind of cold is required to produce ice-skating conditions on surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. While viewing the video, one may assume that icy conditions of this type would only occur in places like northern Canada or perhaps Alaska. However, the video creators report that this clip was filmed in Minnesota, USA. Surprisingly, Minnesota has hot summers, and very cold winters – perhaps a variety of weather not seen many places elsewhere in the United States of America.

While people are often shocked at below freezing temperatures on many parts of the USA, Minnesota is in fact known for below freezing temperatures during winter. Although -42 degrees is extremely cold, temperatures are reported to reach as low as -60 during the coldest snaps. Snow plays a prominent role in this video, and some northern parts of Minnesota can receive as much as 170 inches of snow! It is worth noting that the Great Lakes play a major role in the climate of Minnesota. Perhaps we can all take a lesson from the gentleman seen ice-skating while working in this video. A little creativity and a good attitude can turn the heaviest of tasks in to something more enjoyable and productive.


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