Grumpy Elephant Chases Thirsty Warthogs Away From Watering Hole

Published February 6, 2019 1,679 Plays $3.34 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeFor nearly two thirds of the year, the Kruger National Park goes through a dry period. During these long dry seasons, water and food becomes really scarce. These tough conditions create a hostile environment where the competition for food and water among animals becomes more fierce and intense. Across the park there are a number of widespread man made watering holes that are pumped right through the year from underground water sources. During dry periods these watering holes are great places to watch wild animals coming from far to quench their thirst. During a safari we decided to stop at one of these watering holes. On our arrival there was a herd of elephants already gathered in and around the water. Elephants are known for drinking huge amounts of water as well as their love for water in general.

Elephants love their water so much that majority of the time they will not allow any other species of animal to share the water with them. While we watched the elephants enjoying their time at the water, a young warthog appeared, carefully making its way to the water for a long awaited drink. Suddenly one elephant in the water was alerted by the presence of the warthog. This behavior then triggered another elephant to come around and investigate what was going on. In the meantime a second warthog appeared, hoping to get a few sips of water. The elephant saw the warthogs and became really grumpy. Immediately the elephant charged towards the warthogs while letting out a loud trumpeting noise to scare them even more. The warthogs had no choice but to give up their opportunity of getting a drink.

They quickly turned around and ran off into the bush. The elephant continued to run after the warthogs until they disappeared. We couldn’t believe that an elephant weighing a few tons would pick on something so small as a warthog weighing a mere sixty kilograms. In the process the rest of the elephant herd got a fright and became uneasy for a short while. After the whole commotion the elephants settled down again and continued as if nothing happened.


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