Duct Tape Labradoodle Retriever

Published February 6, 2019 23 Views

Rumble Jaxx is a 3 year old Labradoodle that lives the spoiled life in Sault Ste Marie. He is always seeking attention and will pick up anything he finds around the house to happily prance around with. Every morning, and I do mean every morning is when he seems to be at his best in this regard. Generally he finds an envelope or some other piece of paper and proudly shows this off. He is more than willing to hand it over for your examination, but definitely wants it back. The recycle bin in the mud room is his main source for selecting items and on occasion he will bring you an entire newspaper. Should the recycle bin not be available it is not strange at all for him to search in a purse that may have been left on the floor. If he is finding his hunt challenging he will do a room to groom grid search until he locates any sort of item that may fill the desire. His sibling sister is completely baffled as to how this can be any form of entertainment and simply lays on a favorite piece of furniture and watches the show. It is very rare that he actually chews something to pieces unless he determines that it is perhaps somewhat edible. On the morning we see here, he has been downstairs in the laundry or utility room. A roll of duct tape was probably the most convenient item that he found. When he came up the stairs it was immediately noted to be a somewhat worthy display. Initially I thought that it was perhaps encircling his whole snout but on further examination it was just over his top jaw. A handsome fellow, this new retriever item just had to be videoed. As far as cuteness goes, this one had to be ranked as number two all-time, just behind the morning he appeared with a long line of toilet paper trailing behind him. He does have personality !

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