Cardi B ADMITS She Wants More Kids With Offset!

Published February 5, 2019 8 Views

Rumble / Entertainment LifeCardi B admits that she DEFINITELY wants to give Kulture a sibling. We’re going to talk about that and what else Cardi had to say during her interview with Good Morning America INCLUDING that she thinks her and Offset will be okay. Interesting because the two parents were spotted on a double date just this weekend. All of this just further confuses us about their relationship status. PLUS someone who knows a thing or two about public breakups…Pete Davidson. I have the details on how Kate Beckinsale has helped him FINALLY get over Ariana Grande…despite me having doubts that will ever actually happen. On top of that we must discuss the fact that Lana Condor admits that her and Noah Centineo liked making it seem like they were dating offscreen and now my heart feels officially played. I’m talking the latest with Cardi B…Kate and Pete AND Lana and Noah right now so stay right here.