Dog Hilariously Gives Sibling A Hug On Command

Published February 5, 2019 6,766 Plays $18.90 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPets in general, and dogs in particular, bring joy and smiles to their human companions. This video of two dogs – one gray, and one brown – is a perfect example of the delight that dogs can provide.

Two dogs are seen, of similar breed but different coloration, sitting next to each other. In the background can be seen Christmas lights and decorations, as well as a fireplace with brick surrounding it. The dogs too are wearing Christmas-themed handkerchiefs around their necks. Viewers can immediately sense the warmth of the holiday season, and the love shared in this environment.

Both dogs sit still and watch their master attentively. Those who are familiar with dogs can see that these canines are anticipating a command and hoping intensely for a subsequent treat. Their owner is heard giving a command to one of the dogs. A female voice commands the gray dog to give a hug to the brown dog. This command is not immediately followed. The female voice once again commands the gray dog – named “Penny” – to hug the brown dog, only this time the female voice calls the hug a “Christmas hug”.

The gray dog immediately obeys, jumping up and wrapping its front legs around the brown dog in what appears to be an embrace of sorts. Close observation reveals a look that resembles a smile upon the faces of both dogs during this embrace. The dogs are also observed barking in a communicative sort of way, indicating their excitement and engagement with their owner. The gray dog is promptly rewarded with a dog treat, in recompense for its good behavior, while the brown dog looks on longingly.

Viewers naturally wonder, are these dogs possibly siblings? Perhaps they came from the some litter of puppies and have spent their lives together. One does not appear to be larger than the other. They look to belong to the same breed, particularly in their coat patterns, although coloration is distinct between them. It’s clear their owner has deliberately and effectively trained these dogs to listen and obey commands. The dogs show respect to their owner, which is another sign of good training. It’s videos like this one that inspire new dog owners to accept the risks and challenges associated with dog ownership, rather than live life without this special companionship. So make sure you share the video with your friends and convince them that owning puppers is the right thing to do.