Toddler Boy Has Strange Sleeping Habits

Published February 4, 2019 18 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsSome people say when they get really tired they can fall asleep almost anywhere. No matter whether it’s quiet or noisy, comfortable or not when tiredness overcomes, one has to take a nap. And it seems that the same goes for the kids too! Just check out this video, and you will see what I mean! It is so cute and funny, you really don’t want to miss it! This video shows an adorable tot boy who is napping on his big and very loud fire truck toy. Each time he leans forward, he activates the sounds and lights on his truck, but that doesn’t wake him up! LOL! Oh, what an exciting day this little boy must have had when he fell asleep like that, sitting on this noisy fire truck toy. He is obviously so exhausted! Still, he has the strength to stay seated without falling over! LOL!