Diver Makes Circle Bubbles Under Water

Published February 4, 2019 57 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble Diver Makes Circle Bubbles Under Water , capture underwater moments, you’d need the right tools for the job. The equipment used varies with budget, purpose, and skill level, and can range from a high-tech DSLR setup with expensive housings and external strobe lights, down to self-contained rugged compact cameras that are capable and affordable, or even your smartphone (with waterproof case of course).

For most fledgling underwater photographers, one of these compact cameras will be plenty capable for your needs. Over the last several years the capability of these cameras has become quite impressive, and many major manufacturers such as Pentax, Nikon, and Olympus have great options available.

I cannot stress enough the importance of studying the manual for your camera. Learn the features and settings. Photograph on land to practice and learn the quirks and limitations of your machine. You will not regret any time spent photographing a bee on a flower or some similar small, fast target.

Underwater, in all but the most pristine springheads you might encounter, turbidity will limit your useful “range” to no more than a few feet, and with smaller targets, you will be entering the realm of macro photography, sometimes coming within a foot of your subject. Besides the satisfaction of photographing insect life or other small wildlife (after all, most of us got into this field due to a love of nature) this is invaluable practice for taking pictures of similar targets in an environment where the elements can fight against you at every turn.