23 Fashion Trends That Should Stop

Published February 3, 2019 60 Views

Rumble Here are 23 dumb fashion trends people need to stop doing.

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9. Fitbits: We get it, you’re active, you participate in fitness, but unless you’re an athlete training for something, why does everyone and their mother need to be sporting one of these unflattering rubbery bracelets? As a person who works out daily, I’ve never once even considered getting a Fitbit.

8. Pom Poms: We’re not sure who brought back the pom pom trend but all of a sudden it’s on every purse. We’re not sure why people feel the need to carry around a ball of fluff as a fashion statement. It almost looks like there’s some sort of animal attached to these purses.

7. “Festival” Wear: This trend that features feathers and flowers and patterns of all shapes and sizes was made popular through music festivals such as Coachella. However, there are several controversial elements to it and it should probably be left in the past, or at least in the festival. Are you guilty of wearing “festival” attire?

6. Mustache Craze: Similar to pineapples and mom jeans, mustaches are just about everywhere. And they’re not just on people faces; they’re on necklaces, sunglasses, mugs, magnets, and people even get them tattooed on their own bodies! We’re not sure what the huge obsession is with them, but it’s definitely getting old.

5. Posterior Enhancers: Curvy behinds are becoming more desirable these days thanks to people like Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians. But some people are taking this too far by buying devices that enlarge their behinds in order to keep up with the trend. Everyone should appreciate their own skin whether or not they have a big behind.

4. Leggings used as Pants: Why won’t this trend die already? Leggings are great under a dress or a skirt but when they’re worn as pants they look super tacky. The thin material leaves almost nothing to the imagination and when bent over they often become see through. And you can’t forget about those underwear lines either!

3. Mom Jeans: In the 80s and early 90s, mom jeans were the jam. These high-waisted denim slacks were the go-to fashion statement of every suburban mom in America. For some reason, they’ve made a comeback in recent years and we have no idea why. They’re not too flattering, but to each his own, right?

2. Over the top nail art: Nail art has been a part of the fashion industry for years, but recently things have been getting a bit excessive. From fur and bubble nails to insanely long gel tips, these trends are starting to get borderline tacky and impractical. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned French manicure?

1. Man Buns: And finally, man buns. This list simply would not be complete without this infamous new hair trend for guys. Though we believe that everyone should be able to style themselves as they please, unless you have a decent amount of hair these really don’t look that appealing. Especially when the sides are shaved as well.

Do you know what one of the worst fashion trends going on right now is?

Well, it’s ripped jeans! And we’re not just talking about jeans that have been slightly ripped, we’re talking about jeans that are ripped from top to bottom and hanging by a thread. Designers are getting a lot more liberal with their use of scissors lately, as made evident by the rising popularity of this strange fashion trend. Don’t let the rips fool you, these types of jeans can retail for hundreds and thousands of dollars, according to Farfetch, an online luxury fashion retail brand. The whole concept is a bit ridiculous because people can rip and tear their own jeans.