Gorilla youngster beats chest at mom, instantly regrets it

Published February 3, 2019 127 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsScraping the frozen snow off the wooden platform, Lope the gorilla just loves his frozen snow. When Ozala and his baby brother come up to the platform, he isn't happy. He's just not in the mood for sharing! He beats his chest repeatedly at mum brother Shufai. When that doesn't help, he runs at his baby brother and tries pulling him off the platform. Schufai runs screaming to their mom. The two enjoy the winter ice that the cold weather brought. When Lope approaches again, Ozala defends her youngest by letting Lope know to stay away.


  • DavidMcNab, 33 weeks ago

    Great footage. And the poor mom deserves a gift card for some shopping at Victoria's Secret.

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  • Diamondlaker, 33 weeks ago

    Cranky Mom

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    • SloggerVlogger, 33 weeks ago

      She deserves to be Lope is always giving her a hard time :-)

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  • Maxyviral, 32 weeks ago

    wooow nice one

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