Horrific storm destroys 100 year old landmark pier

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Rumble / Strange WeatherThis horrible and dramatic event all took place on December 20,2018 at the famous White Rock pier in White Rock British Columbia, Canada. One of the worst storms on record hammered the B.C coast and specifically caused extreme damage to the city of White Rock’s pier. Higher than average tides along with extreme wind over 60 miles per hour, made for waves reaching over six feet tall.

Local residents raced to the area to observe the incredible weather that was before them. Not realizing just how dangerous this event was going to become, many even walked out upon the pier that was being hammered by waves that sprayed well above the pier deck. Even at high tide the deck remains approximately fifteen feet above the waters surface but with these enormous waves crashing the structure, they were washing upon the wooden deck.

At the further most end of the pier is a government run boat dock at which many private and boat co-op owned sailboats were moored. Once the extremely high waves and gale force winds gained strength they were too much for the mooring lines of these yachts. Many broke free and were tossed in towards shore and against the pilings and main structure of the pier. One man, a 42 year old local ventured out onto the pier during what was becoming an extremely dangerous situation to gather some photos and video.

What he was not aware of was how much danger he was in. After hours of this horrendous weather slamming the sailboats into the structure, it began to collapse. This one man, now was trapped. Making phone calls from his mobile phone regarding his situation soon had a Search and Rescue Cormorant helicopter on site to rescue him. Safe and sound back on the good end of the pier, many were glad to see the rescue as a success.

In the days after the storm, locals and yacht owner gathered to help clean up the beach and area.Yacht co-op members salvaged rope, life jackets, and one six-meter mast. The city dispatched trucks to collect other debris, while onlookers helped out. Initial estimates came in from the city’s engineering department at 4.2 to 4.6 million dollars to repair the damaged pier. A new report as of January 25,2019 brings the estimate closer to 16 million, all out 10 million dollars higher than initially thought.