Light Box Adaptations for Occupational Therapy

Published February 2, 2019 14 Plays

Rumble Light boxes are easy and inexpensive to make. Simply place a flashlight or other type of light inside an opaque plastic container. The light box shown in the video was purchased from a company that makes products for the blind. It’s pretty bright….. Note that I covered the boards with colored filter sheets to avoid a bright white light shining in anyone’s face. If you work with individuals with seizure disorders, please consult your health care professional before working with lights.

The video demonstrates three fine motor-activities that occupational therapists frequently use to develop hand skills:

1)Simple insertions- I cut a hole in the bottom and top of a cardboard box placed on top of the light box. My client’s visual attention is drawn to the light as he inserts the objects.
2)Placing objects into the small containers attached to the top of the light box. This client enjoys sorting by color and the light box adds extra pizazz ….
3)A pegboard frame is placed on top of the lightbox so that light shows through the openings where the pegs are to be inserted.
Now that you see the light…. See how many other adaptations you can create!

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