Rescued baby monkey throws temper tantrum when caretaker leaves

Published February 2, 2019 84,055 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis baby Woolly Monkey has lost her mother and now lives at a rescue center. Primates in general are extremely social animals, and the babies need to be with a mother, even if a foster one. The moment she met her caretaker, she instantly adopted her as her foster mom, and wants nothing more than to spend the whole day with her. But her foster mom has other animals to care for, so after a few hours spent with the baby, she needs to leave. The baby is far from understanding, though, and throw massive temper tantrums when that happens! Even when the caretaker is away, if she sees her, she screams to get her attention, and if the caretaker looks at her, she screams even harder! Babies aren't easy…

The Poeppig's Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix poeppigii), also known as Red Woolly Monkey and Silvery Woolly Monkey, shares the Lagothrix genus with four other species: Common Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix lagotricha); Peruvian Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix cana); Colombian Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix lugens); Peruvian Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix flavicauda). Although recent studies suggest that the Poeppig's Woolly Monkey and the first three species are actually all different subspecies of Lagothrix lagotricha, and the only separate species should be the Peruvian Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey.

This species of Woolly Monkey is endemic to the Amazon Forest, and studies show that its populations have decreased by at least 30% in the last three generations (45 years). It can be found in Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

They tend to live in medium-sized groups of 23, 25 individuals, although smaller groups between 10 and 23 have been recorded.

All species of Woolly Monkeys (Lagothrix sp.) are at risk of going extinct; from "vulnerable" to "critically endangered", they are all disappearing because of humans. Do not support the pet trade! Monkeys should be free!