SKIDOODLES take their First Ride

Published February 2, 2019 5 Views

Rumble Jaxx and Dia are labradoodle siblings that enjoy a good life in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. A pair of spoiled pups, they are always actively enjoying the Northern Onatrio out of doors. These dogs have been exposed to a wide variety of activities and modes of transportation. On the water, pontoon boats, motor boats, canoes, kayaks and paddleboards, they ride them all. Side by side they ride on the back of an ATV. When a snowmobile was purchased, it just made sense that they would be reliable in riding that too. The small storage area on the rear of the Polaris would usually hold a packsack, now it seemed like the logical spot for a pair of dogs. Medium-sized at 35 and 55 pounds, they were set in place and told to sit and stay. They took to their first ride just fine and seemed to enjoy the new experience. How were they trained to cooperate in riding these various machines and vessels ? Trial and error, praise and a bit of pain, unfortunately. Jaxx is the leader in the outdoors, a bit rambunctious and not very cerebral. Dia is more cautious and tries to seek my direction and praise, but she is a follower of Jaxx's lead. When Jaxx jumped off of a kayak one time, Dia took the plunge as well. This action resulted in a lengthy swim both both. After a couple such adventured they soon learned that it was preferable to stick with the ship. Jaxx has leapt off of the back of an ATV at 30- 40 km/h and both times it considerably more unpleasant than jumping into water. Again, Dia followed his lead as well and was just as regretful. They no longer attempt that maneuver and comfortably ride on the ATV until it comes to a stop and they are asked to jump down. As for the snowmachine, for their introduction, the first step was a run behind it until they were a bit winded. I then set them on and gave them praise and advise and they immediately grasped the concept of comfy ride verses exerting run. Will they ever attempt to jump off ? That remains to be seen, but I am hopeful not. Next exposure will be in a sleigh in tow behind the Polaris. Stay tuned.