16 Male Fashion Trends That Women Hate

Published February 1, 2019 38 Views

Rumble Here are the 16 male fashion trends that women actually hate.

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Our sense of fashion is a very personal thing. It’s one of the things that matters to a lot of people (for a number of reasons). Men and women make fashion choices every day based on what’s comfortable, what looks good on them, and what makes them feel good about themselves.

But sometimes, we all make poor fashion choices. Some people just don’t care about what others think. Others might be committing fashion crimes without even knowing it. Men have things they hate to see women wear (peplum skirts, oversized clothes, flashy nails, etc). And the same concept applies all the way around; most women definitely have a fashion item they don’t like to see on men. If you’re a woman reading this list of male fashion trends most women hate, you’ll probably agree with one or more of the items on it. If you’re a guy doing one of these things, don’t fret! Not all women dislike the things in this list, and you shouldn’t stop doing your thing just because it’s included here.

6. Ill-fitting suits. To be fair, this isn’t a gendered problem. Everyone—men and women—should learn to recoil at the sight of an ill-fitting suit. A suit that fits properly can make all the difference in how the shape, height, and weight of your body look, so choose more wisely from now on. And although suits that fit just right might be a little more expensive, it’s absolutely worth it. There’s just something about a nice fitting suit that can make someone look absolutely amazing. So if you have a suit that doesn’t exactly fit right, it’s time to start saving for a suit that fits well!

5. Socks and sandals. The only time you should wear this combination is when you’re a dad driving to the convenience store on a quick milk run. There’s no other scenario where wearing these is okay. Anyone who goes out in public wearing socks and sandals must seriously have no idea what having a sense of fashion means. I mean, socks and sandals are basically the number one fashion faux pas that I thought everyone knew about! Well, if you didn’t know about this cringey fashion faux-pas, now you do!

4. Fleece. We’ll admit that fleece is actually comfortable and a great fabric for the winter, but we won’t lie to ourselves about how bad it looks. It makes the person wearing it look like an inflatable version of themselves.

3. Super Deep V-Neck Shirts. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your body and showing off your muscles (especially if you’ve been working hard on them). But deep V-necks just look ill-fitting, kind of like you were just in a fight and your opponent grabbed you by the neck of your shirt, resulting in a dramatic stretch.

2. Skinny jeans. Let’s just put it like this: extremes don’t look good. When you wear pants so tight that we end up learning things about you that only your girlfriend or boyfriend should know, then it’s time to take it down a notch. While rock stars and celebs can pull off the skinny jean look, most women agree that it just doesn’t look good on the average male. In most cases, a man can pull off the skinny jeans look if they have the body type and fashion sense for it. If you’re rocking a pair of skinny jeans but every other part of your outfit clashes with your pants, you’re going to have a bad time! So...maybe just avoid it all together.

1. Bushy beards. Some time in the 1940s-1950s, we all collectively agreed as a species to leave behind the trend of bushy beards along with top hats and high infant mortality rates. Let’s leave bushy beards in that faraway past, where they belong. According to Gentlemen’s Journal, big beards are just not “in” anymore. It’s true that these days, beards are becoming more and more popular - specifically around the ‘hipster’ scene. It seems that today, the lumberjack look is all the rage. If you have a beard, it might be time to get rid of it. That trend just isn’t popular anymore! Sure, a beard can keep you warm in the long winter months, but it can easily become untamed if it is not taken care of, and most of the time it just looks messy - and, well, unclean.