Puppy And Cat Battle For Bed Dominance

Published February 1, 2019 4,147 Views $24.10 earned

It’s the smack down to end all smack downs! Willow the Corgi versus the house cat in a battle royale to determine just who will have supremacy over the bed, and the resulting video is way too adorable to miss!

Fairness compels us to acknowledge that this does look to be a doggie bed, which would seem to tilt opinion in favor of Willow. On the other hand, possession is nine tenths of the law (or so we’ve read), and clearly the cat is already in possession of this super plush and uber comfy pet sleeper—so who is ultimately to say which one is right and which one is wrong in this case? Best to just leave them to decide it between themselves.

While we can’t help but admire Willow the Corgi’s sheer pluck and determination—she’s obviously not going to relinquish her claim to the bed all that easily—the comfortable gray kitty in this video conducts herself with so much composure and offended dignity, refusing to budge even an inch from the delightful snoozing spot she’s clearly claimed for her own, that we can’t help but suspect things won’t go as easily for Willow as she might be hoping.

Thus it ever was between cats and dogs, and thus it ever will be! Personally, we’re thinking that the humans who are owned by this delightful pair should probably just spring for an additional bed, so that these two don’t have to keep scraping over scarce resources. It’s not like the internet doesn’t provide enough options for pet furniture—from the high end to the budget conscious—for slavish human caretakers looking to indulge their furry friends a little bit! Until then, though, these two will continue to lock horns in an age old battle, one that’s repeated in pet owning homes all around the world.

We recommend pressing the Play button as quickly as possible on this one, because every second you wait is one more second that you could spend laughing. We haven’t been able to stop chuckling since we first saw this one! The only question we have left is whether Vegas will end up taking odds on who the winner’s going to be. And, if so, how can we get in on that action? We’re willing to go ten to one that the cat pulls ultimate victory. Who do you think the winner will be? Make sure you check out what your friends think by liking and sharing this video!

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