Monkey Catches Alley-Oop Dunk In Epic Slow Motion

Published January 31, 2019 59 Views $21.35 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsYes, dogs and cats are amazing and cute animals, but some people have more exotic taste when it comes to pets. But some pet owners go even further into the exotic animal kingdom, which is fine as long as they lawfully claim capable and weren't grabbed from nature, such as monkeys. There is something sweet in pet monkeys. They are playful, cute and brilliant. Baby monkeys are the same as human monkeys, they are friendly and helpless, and that makes them irresistible. They are playful, and they can be so much fun to spend time with.

That’s why we want to show you this fantastic video and this cute monkey playing basketball with his owner! Biggie is the only owl monkey who can catch an alley-oop dunk from his owner. Check it out in glorious slow motion! Just look at those skills, are we looking at a future NBA star? The owner has probably a lot of fun with Biggie, and they play a lot of games together. What an incredible duo!

The night monkeys, also known as the owl monkeys or douroucoulis, are the members of the genus Aotus of New World monkeys. The only nocturnal monkeys, they are native to Panama and much of tropical South America. Night monkeys constitute one of the few monkey species that are affected by the often deadly human malaria protozoan Plasmodium falciparum, making them useful as non-human primate experimental subjects in malaria research.

They are called owl monkeys or night monkeys because they love to be very active mainly at night. They also love to make loud sounds like gruff grunts, loud grunts, sneeze grunts, screaming, moaning, gulps, and hoots. What makes them so unique is that they are a very social monkey and they can bond a close relationship with their owners.

As we mentioned earlier, they are just like little babies, and they love to act like babies too. Want proof? Take a look at this monkey that wants to relax holds his stuffed animal and be pampered, just like a baby!

He is relaxing in his owner's lap spending some quality time being pampered. Hey, he is the 'King of the Jungle'... Well, maybe not the "King of the Jungle"... Maybe more like the "King of the Lounge Chair." Nonetheless, he wants to hold his cherished and beloved stuffed monkey while his owner pets him. Cuteness overload!