Adorable baby coatis curiously investigate camera

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsCoatis are beautiful and furry little creatures that look like a cross between a long nosed raccoon and a teddy bear.They are common in Central and South America, especially near resorts where human food and scraps can easily be found. They are a delight to tourists who love to take pictures and video these curious little animals. They are also relatively tame and unlikely to run away from people who watch from a careful distance.

These coati babies appeared every morning and every evening from a patch of forest beside a resort in Mexico. They carefully combed the grass and shrubs for insects, scraps, seeds, or any other kind of food that they could find. A camera mounted in the grass and a piece of boiled egg left in front became an instant hit. The first baby in the group followed his nose right to it and devoured it with enthusiasm.

Every so often, the baby coati looked at the camera with curiosity. He likely had never seen a GoPro in the grass and didn't know what to make of it. Eventually, after finishing most of his meal, he decided to come over and have a look. And then a sniff. And then he tried licking the camera. He seems to have smeared a little egg yolk on the lens and the top of the camera because he started licking at it like it was really tasty. Then the lens became quite smeared and blurry. His curiosity gave us a close up look at his adorable little face, as well as his teeth and his tongue. Even the little slurping sounds are adorable.

Before long, this little coati was joined by his brother and he also had to have a close inspection.

Coatis are naturally curious creatures that explore their world with their mouths and also with their tiny little paws. Their hand have surprising dexterity and they handle the camera and nibble it until it tips over in the grass. It continues to film as the coatis stand over the camera and continue to play with it in the most adorable manner.