Totally Chill Dog Goes For A Ride In Exotic Super Car

Taybreeden Published January 30, 2019 4,569 Plays $2.70 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe super fluffy white dog in this video is named Elvis, and he lives up to the legendary coolness that goes with that name as he tools around town like a boss in a vintage sports car, wind blowing in his hair as he gives the street crowds in Savannah, Georgia a genuine thrill in an otherwise routine day. It’s not everybody who can pull off cruising around town in a red convertible with the top down, without looking a little…desperate for attention, maybe?

But getting attention is a dog’s natural prerogative in life—and arguably the only actual job the typical dog has—so in this case we’ll rule it “adorable” instead of “needy.” We kind of can’t help wishing that Elvis were wearing a seat belt in this video, but then again he wouldn’t look nearly so daredevil cool if he were all belted up. It’s not everyone who could shoot a video with such an unbelievably gorgeous classic sports car and still come out as the main attention grabber, but Elvis seems to have this one locked up. Kudos to him, and to whoever was clever—and serendipitous—enough to be on the spot, cell phone at the ready, when this big white beauty blew by.

Where was he going? What was he going to do when he got there? We’ll likely never have answers to those questions, but that doesn’t matter—what does matter is this one moment, forever immortalized on camera—where we get to imagine ourselves, just for a second, as the one riding alongside this canine cutie, attracting all the stares and steering that cherry of an auto through the streets of Savannah.

This video’s a definite keeper, worth bookmarking if for no other reason than to fantasize about that car whenever you’re trying to get through a day when the clock just doesn’t seem to want to budge any closer to five. If you haven’t hit the Play button yet, you should definitely do so now—and make sure to share this one with any and all classic car fanatics you may have on your contact list. Chances are you have some dog lovers on that list too, but they’ll probably find this one on their own. Not that it would hurt to share it with them too, just in case. After all, friends don’t let friends miss out on great dog videos!


  • winkeldinkel, 29 weeks ago

    The dog is saying go faster!

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  • meka, 29 weeks ago

    good jop

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