First Look At Cardi B’s Pepsi Superbowl Commercial With Steve Carrel

Published January 29, 2019 2,283 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeThe first look at Cardi B’s Pepsi Super Bowl commercial is here, and now we have yet another reason to watch the upcoming game. Plus, we have some Bieber news for you guys. Remember how Hailey Bieber applied for a trademark with her name to get a clothing line started, well it’s hit a significant set back already. We’ve got the latest on Cardi and the Bieber’s right now so stay tuned, Okuuurt!

Let’s kick things off with Cardi because honestly, we are way too excited about this Pepsi commercial. Cardi B is the latest artist to join the elite circle of other music moguls who have participated in the Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. This was a massive win for Cardi considering she was unable to reach an agreement with Maroon 5 to perform during the halftime show, however, after seeing this first look we can confidently say that she made the right chose to go with Pepsi and a pre-show performance.

Pepsi released a preview of the commercial which features Steve Carell and also a blast from the past, Lil Joh. Essentially, the premise of the ad is that the waiter does not understand how great Pepsi is. After Steve explains it to him, he asks the waiter ‘does he get it now?’ But he proceeds to say okay. That’s why Lil Joh and Cardi are there to help.
Hearing that Cardi was going to star in the year’s commercial already gave us a reason to watch the Super Bowl, but now that Steve Carell and Lil Jon are involved we are even more excited to see the final product.

Moving on, let’s talk about the latest with Hailey Bieber because unlike Cardi her recent business venture has had a snag. A few weeks ago, Hailey filed a trademark for her new married name-Hailey Bieber. This was to start some clothing lines, therefore when this news came out, tons and tons of people accused Hailey of only using the Biebs for his last name.

We feel like Hailey since changed everyone’s minds about that for the most part anyway. Her clothing line with her new last name is already in a bit of trouble. Hailey’s trademark has been denied at the moment because she must prove that she is a Bieber. The trademark office states that they need written consent to prove Haley is who she says she is before they give her permission to secure the name. We are ready to hear all your thoughts on this Cardi and Hailey news!