Travis Scott PROPOSING To Kylie Jenner While Performing Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Published January 29, 2019 2,996 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeHold the phone people there's a fan theory going around that Travis Scott is going to propose to Kylie Jenner during the Super Bowl halftime show and now we have a reason to watch the big game this weekend. While Kylie has CLEARLY moved on with her life...we can'tt totally say the same thing about Tyga. He reportedly hooked up with ANOTHER Kylie look alike recently and you know that always gets our attention. PLUS...We have the details on Kourtney Kardashian's new man and just how much potential they truly have. We're talking all things Kylie and Kourtney right now so stay right here so you don't miss it.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your wedding should be this way or that way. You do you. A wedding should only represent what you want it to represent and nothing else. If you want to stick to traditions, go ahead, do it. If you don’t want to make a fuss about it, you can do that too.

Weddings are ceremonies in which two people promise to nurture and grow their love for one another until the end of time. It’s up to you to decide who attends the ceremony, where it takes place, will the cake be chocolate, literally everything up to the decoration on the flower girl’s dress. This footage proves us that it is of utmost importance to personalize your wedding ceremony.

Weddings are magical places. They are a celebration of what’s to come, of possibilities and of love. This beautiful gathering unites both groom and bride into an everlasting union of support and caring, but it also serves as a place where both families can get to know each other and celebrate their kin’s happiness.

Although weddings may vary from one to the next, they still center around the key component of joy. It involves a lot of dancing, singing and retelling stories about the newlyweds along with happy tears and laughter. Everyone is expected to have a good time and make this day worth remembering to the newlyweds. Lets wish the newlywed's many years of love and happiness and a beautiful life and many children. So good luck guys and may all your dreams come true.