8 Signs Your Partner No Longer Loves You

Published January 26, 2019 31 Views

Rumble These 8 signs show that your partner no longer loves you. Being in love can be a tremendous feeling, knowing that you have a partner to rely on and trust in can be reassuring and satisfying. But falling out of love can be just as perilous and daunting.

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8. No eye contact. In an Insider article, they revealed that it is common for newlyweds to always stare at their partners. This is a sign of affection and wanting to be close to their loved one. But if you find your partner constantly averting your gaze or looking elsewhere, either at people or objects, then it might be indicative that your partner is no longer interested in you.

There’s something magical about making eye contact with the person you love. If you notice that your partner rarely even looks at you anymore, or avoids eye contact at all costs, it might mean that they are no longer in love with you.

7. Noticing Quirks. According to a study done by the APA (American Psychological Association), they found that partners who have little quirks and quips can be more attractive to a person than physical attributes. But this works vice versa as well, if you are starting to find these quirks which you once liked to be annoying and frustrating, it might be indicative that you no longer love your partner.

For example, if you are starting to get annoyed by the small things which you used to find cute about your partner, it might mean that you are falling out of love. You might also find that you lash out and get angry easily because of these small things. If you notice that you are getting angry at your partner for what seems like even the smallest of things, it could be a red flag!

6. You envision a future without them. In the first stages of love, the honeymoon stage, it is common to regularly think about that person and fantasize about a future with them. But if you are regularly thinking about or envisioning your life without your significant other then it might be time to plan for your future without him or her.

5. Decreasing communication. According to an article done by This Is Insider, a decrease in communication can be a huge sign that shows that you no longer love your partner. If you are choosing to communicate relationship problems to outsiders such as family and friends rather than to your significant other, it might be time to move on.

4. Lack of physical intimacy. Nicole McCance is a relationship expert and couples therapist and she says that a lack of physical intimacy can be indicative of a relationship that is deteriorating. While it is not the case that all couples engage in sexual acts, it should be a cause for concern if you notice that your sex life with your partner is deteriorating.

3. Your partner spends more time out. Relationship expert April Masini says that ‘if you notice a change in interest in your partner’s company, that’s a sign that the relationship is winding down.’ This could mean that your partner is trading in ‘date nights’ for a ‘guy’s night out’ or if your partner is constantly going out with her friends and co-workers rather than spending time with you.

2. You don’t enjoy talking to them anymore. This one might be a little obvious but if you find yourself constantly wanting to talk to someone else rather than your partner then that might be a sign that you no longer like that person. Nicole McCance says that people crave love and connection and even though you may not feel that in your current relationship, they still long for that in some form or another. Nicole explains: ‘you might even find yourself attracted to other people physically and that may surprise you. But that’s a warning sign that something’s missing from your current relationship.’

1. Your “love” gets replaced. And finally, your love gets replaced by something else that you didn’t even realize. Some couples might not even notice that they are not in love anymore because they have small kids who get so much love from them. This void is filled by kids, and this is why so many marriages fall apart when children grow up. If you are married and have not taken the time to acknowledge your partner and instead focus all your attention on your kids, you should try focusing on showing your partner more love. If you don’t really care to, you probably aren’t in love anymore.