Spelling with Legos Builds Hand Skills

5 years ago

I don't follow sports but my clients do! This young man is excited about the Super Bowl. He is non-verbal but talks about them using his communication device. He loves to spell, but is not too fond of using his hands, especially both hands together.

The video demonstrates my client learning to connect the large Duplo Lego Bricks to spell out his favorite teams. This is a lot easier to do when stabilizing the base with one hand while pushing the bricks down. As you can see this activity works on
1) motor control
2) strength (pushing bricks onto base)
3) sequencing to spell in the correct order
4) scanning and problem solving to find the needed blocks to spell

Start out with only a few large Duplo Lego bricks. Use smaller ones and add more words or letters to sort through to add challenge.

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