Spear fisher has close encounter with shark!

5 years ago

Occurred Coromandel, New Zealand, December 2018. ''So I went for a swim off the beach almost a month ago and was hunting for a feed. Saw all sorts of fish but I was after a kingfish so I kept looking. After a few hours I eventually saw a few come past and so I dived down and hoped one would come close enough for a shot. Luckily for me, one did just that. Pulled the trigger, terrible shot... but it was on. Now I had put ALOT of work in by this point and so I didn't want to rush pulling the fish in, in case the spear pulled out. So I took my time and after a while I finally got the beast in my hands, I was ecstatic! So excited! I was taking a few breaths, celebrating in my head a little, and casually reaching for my knife to finish the job but then... I saw the shark! The kingfish was still on the spear. It was also still alive... My knife had come out of my pocket with the sheath on... I was feeling like I was gonna lose this fight. The shark started coming for me and that was scary... I just decided to let the fish go. I really didn't want to but I also didn't want to get bitten by a shark so yeah... At one point the kingfish was right at my feet and the shark came for it, freaked me out but I managed to deflect it by doing a little dance on its head haha. When the shark finally bites the kingfish off the spear I got pretty excited! That was a sight to see. After that I realized it only wanted the fish. It wasn't interested in biting me at all. It followed me for a bit when I swam back to shore but I it was only checking to see if I had more fish on my float line. When it realized I didn't it swam away.

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