6 Things You Should Never Do To Your Car

Published January 21, 2019 299 Views

Rumble Auto mechanics share these 6 things you should never do to your car. There are all sorts of things that can happen if you don’t take care of your car. From engine issues to transmission issues and even potentially dangerous accidents, owning a vehicle isn’t as easy as getting a licence and buying a car. There are certain responsibilities involved with driving a car, which is why you should always pay attention to even the slightest of problems in your vehicle when you're driving.

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Car Rule #6 - refusing to get your car checked out after going over a curb: If you accidentally hit a curb, make sure to take your car to a car shop in order to ask the mechanic to check the balance and alignment. If the wheels are out of balance as a result, then you will not have good control of your car. It is better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to put yourself or anybody else at risk by driving in a car that has balance or alignment issues. At the end of the day, if you are responsible enough to own and drive a car, you should be responsible enough to get it checked out whenever you experience any issues which could put you or anybody else on the road in danger.

Car Rule #5 - putting your car in park: Auto mechanics advise never to select “park” while you are driving. Do not try doing this. Even though your car’s system will ignore this command for safety reasons, giving your car this command will eventually damage it. If this is done at an extremely slow speed, you shouldn’t have much to worry about in terms of damage, but if you do it at high speeds (or if you do it quite often), you can cause potential damage to your car. So just avoid doing it at all costs!

Car Rule #4 - never over fill your engine: Auto mechanics advise that you should be careful to never over fill your engine. The engine always comes with the dipstick which has a “full” point indicated. Be sure to only fill it to that level and never over. Over filling can cause failure , causing smoke to emit from your car. Overfilling the oil in your car can damage the internal parts of the engine and eventually lock it up. If you overfill the oil in your car, you can drain the excess oil from your car's oil pan.

Car Rule #3- don’t let your tank get to empty: Another car tip that auto mechanics advise is not to wait until your fuel tank is empty before refilling it. Even the cleanest petrol has small particles in it and gravity will keep it at the bottom of your petrol tank. If you drive on an empty tank, you will be driving on fumes which will get sucked into your engine. A good car tip to follow is to fill up your car when it gets to around one quarter of the tank.

Car Rule #2 - the off engine button: If you have an older car, you may not know what I’m talking about. Newer cars have off engine buttons which automatically turn a car off. To turn off a car, all a person has to do is push the button. Cool, right? It sure is, but auto mechanics advise that you should never press the “off engine” button while driving. However, if you are driving at a reasonable speed and happen to do it, nothing bad will happen.

That being said, cars are designed these days to prepare for slight mishaps like this. In the event that you press the off engine button while driving, your car likely won’t stop. If you are driving at an extremely slow speed (five miles per hour, for example), your car will probably turn off. But if you are driving at high speeds, your car will have a built in function or feature that doesn’t allow it to stop in the event that you accidentally press the button. So don’t panic if you accidentally hit the off engine button while cruising on the highway!

Car Rule #1 - oil changes: Follow your manufacturer’s specifications on how often you should change your car’s oil. This applies especially to brand new cars. Some manufacturers use thin oil when the car leaves the factory and this oil has to be changed around 1000 km in.