7 Things That Can Make You Unattractive

Published January 17, 2019 12 Views

Rumble How to make yourself more attractive. Attraction is a tool that is used in order to procure someone from the opposite sex (or the same sex.) There are certain things that we can do to ensure that we appear more attractive (for example, avoiding loose, dark clothing can help!

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7. No sense of humor: 0:11
6. The color of your clothing: 1:07
5. Playing hard to get: 2:21
4. Not having a pet: 3:27
3. Being kind: 4:20
2. Your hygiene: 5:22
1. Have friends: 6:30


7. No sense of humor: According to anthropologist Gil Greengross, having a sense of humor is a great plus in terms of attractiveness. ‘The effect of a great sense of humor on women’s attractions might be partially explained by the fact that funny people are considered to be more social and more intelligent, things that women seek in a mate,’ says Greengross. So by contrast, people who do not have a sense of humor or can’t ‘laugh things off’ are generally regarded as less attractive. Thus, having a smile on your face and generally being upbeat, positive and fun can help increase one’s attractiveness.

6. The color of your clothing: Alec Beall, who has a Ph.D. and is a psychologist, says that wearing bright colors, like a white top, can enhance one’s attractiveness. In a study that Dr. Beall authored, researchers found that wearing the color red can help one appear more attractive. Dr. Beall said: ‘this red-attractiveness link is partially explained by men’s perceptions of implied sexual receptivity among women wearing reddish garb. In 2013, my colleagues and I even noted this effect among a small-scale society in Burkina Faso, West Africa, suggesting that men’s attraction to red is a cultural universal.’

5. Playing hard to get: Playing hard to get is a surefire way to appear less attractive. A Reader’s Digest article looked at a study conducted in Germany which showed that people are rated as more attractive when they can easily understand the emotions that are displayed. Silke Anders, who is the author of the study said: ‘Partners must understand and continuously update information about their partner’s current intentions and motivation, anticipate the other’s behavior, and adapt their own behavior accordingly.

4. Not having a pet: Not having a pet can make you less attractive. In a Psychology Today article, psychology professor Hal Herzog said: ‘women should be more sensitive than men to how their dates treat their own dogs and cats. Men, on the other hand, should be more likely to use their pets to attract sexual partners.’ So having a pet, more specifically a puppy, can increase one’s attractiveness while not having an adorable pet can hurt one’s appearance.

3. Being kind: As mentioned earlier, being a good person that people want to hang around with can obviously be beneficial in terms of attractiveness. A study conducted in China found that people were more willing to rate someone as attractive if they found out they had ‘positive attributes.’ So being kind and nice to those around you can help you appear more attractive while displaying the opposite attributes will make you appear less appealing.

2. Your hygiene: It doesn’t take a research study to know that hygiene is essential in attraction, but nonetheless, psychologist Jeremy Nicholson wrote in Psychology Today: ‘the most attractive physical features fall under ‘self-care’—things like good grooming, clean hair, nice fitting and quality clothing, good posture, and healthy weight.’ Nice fitting clothes, as opposed to baggy clothes, can drastically improve one’s appearance. So if you are catering to that shaggy look right now, maybe try getting a trim, a nice haircut and some form-fitting clothes to watch your appearance skyrocket.

1. Have friends! In a Business Insider article which looked at a study in 2014 by the University of California at San Diego, they found that people who were surrounded by friends were more likely to be considered attractive. Drew Walker and Edward Vul, who were authors of the study, said: ‘having a few wingmen or wingwomen may indeed be a good dating strategy, particularly if their facial features complement and average out one’s unattractive idiosyncrasies.’ So by simply having some friends around you, you can seriously increase your attractiveness while constantly being by yourself can be rated as less attractive.