6 Gross Beauty Habits That Some Girls Actually Do

Published January 16, 2019 16 Views

Rumble Gross beauty habits that some girls really do. Girls go through an awful lot to appear ‘presentable.’ From hours of makeup, to straightening (or curling) their hair, to having their nails and toenails done days prior, the effort and time that it takes for women to get ready is astronomically higher than men’s. For an important event, a guy might shower and put on a pair of jeans, but other than a wedding or the NBA Finals, a guy is rarely ever slipping out of his basketball shorts or baggy sweatpants.

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6. Shameless selfies: 0:09
5. Hair: 1:36
4. Makeup bad habits: 2:42
3. Bad nail habits: 3:24
2. Not cleaning or sterilizing items: 4:17
1. Not cleaning makeup utensils: 5:30


6. Shameless selfies: Okay, this is one most people are guilty of - but girls more so than males. Believe it or not, the selfie that you saw on Facebook or Instagram likely took over 50 shots from different angles. That’s right, when girls are taking selfies, they will try the same shot multiple times to get that one perfect photo. And when their friends are taking pictures of them, they will often go to great lengths to ensure that the photo is Instagram worthy (lying down on the floor or climbing on top of a book shelf for that perfect angle, for example). In fact, when most girls take selfies, it’s a huge process. From putting on the makeup, to doing the hair, to getting the right outfit, it’s almost as if they’re getting ready for a real photoshoot!

5. Hair: Just like girls tend to have bad habits when it comes to their hygiene, make up, and nails, they also tend to have some pretty gross habits when it comes to taking care of their hair. Some girls, for example, leave loads of hair on a hairbrush and refuse to clean it up for a very, very long time. This can accumulate to a massive hairball just sitting on the hair brush, growing and growing after each use. At least it’s not a wet hairball at the bottom of the drain, right?

4. Makeup bad habits: There are so many bad habits associated with makeup, that it deserved its own section. Not only do lots of women avoid cleaning up their makeup tools at all costs, but they also lend their unhygienic and dirty makeup to friends! And just like sharing dirty makeup amongst friends is never a good idea, girls tend to do the same thing with sample makeup. Using sample makeup without cleaning or disinfecting it first is a bad habit that most girls are absolutely guilty of. It’s bad enough not cleaning your own makeup utensils, but using one that is open to the public without cleaning it first is just a giant no-no.

3. Bad nail habits: Many people bite their nails - whether they are males or females. But believe it or not, some females have the bad habit of biting their fake nails. Not only do some females bite their fake nails, but some of them even have the bad habit of throwing said bitten off fake nails at an unsuspecting target. Watch out, folks!

2. Not cleaning or sterilizing items: This can go for lots of different things. For example, lots of girls won’t bother cleaning their earrings, belly button rings, and studs for an extended period of time (and when I say an extended period of time, I mean an extended period of time). This can lead to potential infections or skin issues. Aside from the fact that it’s just plain gross and unhygienic.

1. Not cleaning makeup utensils for months at a time. Not only will this ruin a contour or a shade that you are trying to create, but it also stores bacteria, germs and dead skin on a brush for months on end. Despite all this, some females (actually, a lot of them) don’t clean their makeup products for months at a time. Sometimes they are too lazy, or just flat out forget.