Kid In Car Seat Tumbles Into Traffic

Published January 15, 2019 33,862 Plays $15.42 earned

Rumble There are many situations that can arise when we are behind the wheel of our car. In this case something out of the ordinary happens in front of this subject who, thanks to the camera footage of his car, was able to record the moment in which a girl gets out of a moving car; she is left lying in the middle of the street, which at that moment has a lot of traffic, but thanks to the people who noticed the incident the girl was rescued without major damage. incredible!

This impressive video captures a moving car which after turning a sharp curve, opens one of the doors through which the car's baby carrier flies out. The most impressive thing is that inside the baby seat there is actually a child sitting in it, which fell to the street abruptly but thanks to the blow was cushioned by the chair, the girl was found safe. The drivers did not even notice that their daughter got out of the car, at no time were they seen to stop the car or turn back after what had happened.

The people who witnessed the event quickly got out of their cars to help the girl, stunned by what happened and not knowing what to do, only choose to take the girl out of the place to keep her safe, we can not imagine the concern that their parents would feel to see that their daughter is not in the car, just think that the streets are constantly full of moving cars, which do not expect a child to fall on the road, is something that would fill anyone with children of anguish. Children are so young that only those who are attentive to the steering wheel on the road can avoid an unfortunate accident. They were quite attentive people, who quickly acted to the situation and thanks to the blessed fate of this girl was able to get out of such an accident.

The girl was taken out of the place by a man who made sure that she was in perfect health, protected her and took her to the authorities so that they could locate her parents, since they did not notice what happened. We are sure that the police in charge gave them instructions so that this unpleasant accident does not happen again. As parents, we should not rely too much on car's baby carrier, as they may for some reason become detached from the car seats. Even if our children have their seat belts tightened, it is advisable to pass the locks of the car doors as well, so we avoid bad times and ensure the welfare of the youngest during the trip.

We must be aware of and comply with the necessary safety measures when boarding our cars. Although this time there was no serious damage, we all know that you do not always run with the best of luck. Share this video on your social networks so you can help prevent accidents like this.