Recycling OT Hoola Hoop Ring Stack

Published January 11, 2019 35 Plays

Rumble When a broken hoola hoop was delivered to my desk, I turned it into unusual ring stacks. The video shows a client who is blind and enjoys repetitive fine-motor tasks. He later learned how to sort the rings according to tactile qualities. However, sighted clients may be able to sort the rings by color. For example, blue rings on the left hoop end and red rings on the right hoop end.

I attached a flat object to the center of the hoop to help stabilize it under the chair. You may choose to use a bag of sand or different type of heavy object. This activity may be adapted to perform on the person’s lap or on the table depending on the client’s abilities and preferences. In any case, I love how the set up encourages tactile exploration in front and to his sides, trunk rotation and crossing midline. My clients certainly enjoy learning a new twist to a familiar task that is at their cognitive and motor skill level.

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