Trump — Republicans Want Border Security; They Want National Security

Published January 9, 2019 29 Plays

Rumble Most of you do understand that if Dems are so upset about pay, all they have to do is put five billion into the bill and everyone is back to work. So both sides are using leverage. the only difference is the reason why.

Trump understands that without any pressure the Dems will never do anything about the border, immigration and thus knows he needs to stand his ground, not to mention last I checked it was on the executive branch to run the nation, not Congress. The only reason Dems are not giving in is purely political, nothing about security, payroll, or money. Heck they could reduce the foreign aid they approved for Mexico by five billion and move that money to the border, but it isn't about the money.

It is all about resisting Pres. Trump. They all voted over 40 billion in 2013 for border security to include double and triple fencing, so it isn't the wall they are against, it is Trump.