Awesome Firework Display Reveals Baby's Gender

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Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesCheck out this gender reveal party as either blue or pink colored fireworks are used to surprise friends and family.
Shunning the traditional colored cake or balloons, American parents found out their second baby's gender in an explosive manner. The couple revealed the sex of their baby through a stunning firework display in front of their family members and friends. Bright pink color exploded the night sky, revealing that the couple is expecting a baby girl.

Graham, who works for a firework's company, said that reveal was a total surprise because even parents did not have any idea that they will be having a baby girl. He explained that he pulled the stunt by relaying the idea to his manager and entrusting the envelope that contained their unborn baby's gender.

"The reveal was for everyone." Everyone enjoyed it. The licensed pyro-technician added that the firework display, which lasted for almost three minutes, has impressed their guests.

Unique gender reveals have been booming in the past years. Rebecca Michals, community manager of the popular parenting website Baby Center, said that gender reveals parties are a huge hit because people are looking for something to celebrate amidst economic hard times. BabyCenter's gender-reveal party discussion threads had skyrocketed since 2012, implicating that a lot of parents are interested in the event.

According to the Washington Post, the first baby's gender reveal video was shared on YouTube in 2008. Expecting parents were shown in the video simply opening a sealed envelope in front of their friends and family members. Since then, thousands of gender-reveal videos have been uploaded onto the site with parents getting more creative and extravagant in the event.

In April 2018 Shannon Smith and Kirk Morton got engaged after they discovered she was pregnant.

With the new addition due in January 2019, the Birch Hill pair asked their sonographer to put the results of the ultrasound in an envelope to remain sealed until they were with friends several days later.

Miss Smith said: “A few weeks prior we were on YouTube trying to look for unusual ideas on gender reveal parties and came across a few firework displays that were mainly popular in America.

“I and Kirk absolutely loved this idea. We went over to our local firework shop and explained what we wanted to do, a few normal fireworks and the big reveal color at the end, being the last firework, and handed them the all-important envelope.

“We requested that all the packaging was covered when we returned to collect the fireworks so that the surprise wasn’t ruined.”

On August 13 Mr. Morton collected the fireworks and set them up at South Hill Park.

Around 40 family and friends arrived at 9 pm and lined up where the funfair normally sits.

After several minutes of anticipation and explosions, the sky turned pink.

“We were very shocked with lots of happy tears,” Miss Smith continued.

“We are over the moon and cannot wait to meet her.

“Locals from Bracknell have got in touch with me to say they had seen and heard the fireworks themselves and passed on their congratulations which were wonderful.

“We are glad everyone enjoyed the reveal as much as we did.”