Strikingly beautiful & strange creature spotted 100 feet beneath the waves

Published January 8, 2019 361 Views $11.73 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThe underwater world is beautiful and alluring. The vibrant colors and the peaceful serenity create a realm of wonder and tranquility. The mysterious and fascinating creatures that can be found there never cease to amaze those who strap on tanks of air and slip into this near silent paradise. Animals with incredible adaptations and indescribable beauty wander freely far beneath the surface. Scuba divers visiting the Great Wall Dive Site off the north side of Little Cayman Island leveled off at a depth of 100 feet and drifted along the coral, taking it all in. With a sheer drop of 3,000 feet behind them and a near vertical coral and rock wall in front of them, the sensation was what one would imagine it would feel like floating weightlessly in space.

Drifting close to the coral to look at a slowly moving creature, they discovered a gorgeous blue Leopard Flatworm working its way over the wall. Approximately 8 inches in length and completely flat, it moved with an undulating motion that was mesmerizing. Resembling a large sea slug, the deep purple body with vibrant blue edges and red and yellow spots were stunningly beautiful. It moved as if with a purpose, trying to cross a gap in the coral. These creatures are very rare and extremely difficult to spot. Divers with cameras are thrilled to capture their beauty on video.
Scuba diving allows people to enter a world where they truly do not belong. Every creature here is adapted to life in the water and has developed to live in harmony with a delicate balance of nature. Almost every creature is both predator or prey, and the roles can change in a heart beat. Humans are keenly aware that they are guests in this domain and they must be extremely careful and respectful of their place here. Improper behavior can have harsh and immediate consequences.

Scuba diving is very safe when the rules are adhered to and proper training is obtained before venturing into the deep. But it is not a world for the feint-hearted or the unprepared.

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